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Short travel probe
Quick removable electrical contacts
Tape & reel belted contact probes

FEINMETALL contact probes are not only used for test applications. You will find them wherever quickly removable electrical contacts are needed that are extremely low-wear and highly dependable.  Very often, these are battery and charge contacts but even electrical signals can be transmitted via contact probes.

Application examples are high-quality light systems, modern furniture with electrical components, high-tech locking systems or removable camera heads.

In medical technology, reliable and easily removable electrical connections are needed for surgery tables and hospital beds. Or food trays with heating elements have to be docked to the power supply. These connections have to be so robust and reliable that they survive the required hygiene measures unscathed. A challenge that FEINMETALL especially likes to accept.

For automated production of contact probes with pick-and-place machines, FEINMETALL offers tape & reel-belted pins. It´s primarily about short lifting pins or battery contacts.