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Contact probes for the test of solar cells
High-current probe
Contact probes for the test of batteries

Solar energy and wind power are the energy forms of the future. Optimal utilization of these alternative energy sources demands high-power rechargeable battery technologies that are also used in electric mobility. FEINMETALL is on board in all these segments. Be they special contact probes, test fixtures or powerful high-current contacts.

In solar cell production, FEINMETALL contact probes are used for classifying cells with so-called "flash tests". The solar cells are connected during a normal flash, in order to measure the power generated. The contact probes have to be thin on the one hand, in order to produce shadows, and on the other hand, they are exposed to enormous forces and have high demands on their service life. This calls for know-how.

High currents flow in all sectors of power equipment, where contacts need to be made securely and without any loss in power. FEINMETALL has developed a variety of somewhat highly specialized and innovative contact probes.

The production process for lithium ion rechargeable batteries demands the development of rechargeable batteries with durable contact-making know-how for high charging and discharging currents.  FEINMETALL has developed very specific solutions for this purpose and has established a reputation for itself in this field of application.