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Solutions for contacting small connectors

The contacting of small connectors with centers down to 50 mil is not simple, especially as the terminals used require special mechanical measures for contacting due to their special internal design. Depending on the required functionality and available space with regard to the permitted length of the contact probes, there are various approaches to a solution:

1. Contacting with 50 mil threaded step probe without switching function:

  • The step probe prevents unintentional opening of the terminal
  • However, the deflection of the probe is not detected by a switch function, so in a worst case a wrong ok-statement is possible (if the plug is not securely locked and the electrical contact is only made by an early side contact)
  • Usable probes: F73012B0015G095SPS1 or F73012B0006G110SPS1 with receptacle H730LA

Contacting with 50 mil threaded step probe with continuous plunger 

  • The step probe prevents unintentional opening of the terminal.
  • The continuous plunger allows the deflection of the probe to be determined by using a  second level probe, so that a very reliable ok-statement can be made.
  • Usable probe: F72012M0001G110SP with receptacle H720

3. Contacting with a thin switch probe 

  • The switch function of the probe allows to determine the correct spring deflection of the probe
  • The compact length of the probe allows use even in applications with limited space
  • However, no step probe to stop on the plug opening
  • Probe diameter slightly thicker than 50 mil, therefore this solution can only be realized with special receptacle
  • Usable probes: F863 with special receptacle H863KBS1 (Ø 1.4 mm)