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Competence is not only visible in innovative products, but also in publications and presentations showing more than just new products. Here you find links to current publications with technology and business background information.



Technical Feature in EPP - Contact Probe Allows Position Measurement

Position Sensor System

The increased complexity of electrical connections in wire harnesses leads to new challenges in the filed of wire harness and connector test. For the exact position measurement of a connector or other DUTs, FEINMETALL has developed a completely new contact probe with integrated potentiometer.

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Technical Feature in EPP - Always Reliably

Progressive Series

Testing lead free soldered pads or strongly contaminated or oxidized boards often leads to contacting problems, because the different contamination or oxide layers are difficult to penetrate and the probe tips themselves are contaminated very quickly. FEINMETALL has developed a solution for these requirements.

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Presentations at Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop


An important event for all experts in the field of wafer test is the yearly Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop in San Diego, a high level contact expert meeting. FEINMETALL received several awards for the best contributions.