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Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe (Off-On-Off)



Pneumatic contact probe with off-on-off characteristic for presence or position tests at limited space.


Adjustability in Longitudinal Direction
The probe F899P can be mounted in a fixed position on stop, or adjusted up to 2,0mm by the threaded design of the probe. One rotation leads to 1,0mm longitudinal shift.


Drilling recommendation for use without receptacle
For mounting the F899P without receptacle and holding it in position, an accurately bore is necessary. If the modul has to be airtight, the bore needs to be especially accurate. The exact drill sizes depend on the material. These drilling recommendations are guideline values.
The maximum allowed leakage rate is 5cm³/min.


Screw-In-Tool FWZ899T
The mounting tool fits into the provided slots. This allows to screw in and adjust the probe from backwards.

Tip Style Material Plating Ø Version Spring Force
17 K K 3,00 - 350 note