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High current block up to 100 A for scratch contacting of contaminated surfaces


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A ring eye or a cable lug can be fixed to the M5 thread by a lock nut. The built-in threaded probes F733 can be changed with the screw-in tool FWZ733S2T. The high current block is available either as a pure scratch contact or with sense pin. Recommended cable cross-section: 25 mm².

Type of Temperature sensors:
TS1 = PT100
TS2 = PT1000
TS4 = Typ K


The scratch contact HC02 is well suitable for reliable contacts at difficult conditions. It contacts not only axially, but also causes a lateral scratch movement because of the inclined contact probes. This lateral scratching improves the quality of the electrical contact compared to standard high current probes.

The advantage of this solutions is a more effective penetration of passivation layers or contaminations and a deeper penetration of the surface, even compensating unevenness. This creates an increased Contact surface and contact force, leading to a higher ampacity of the contact. Especially the increased contact reliability of critical materials like aluminum or nickel is remarkable.

Tip Style Material Plating Ø Version Spring Force
21 B G 1,80 B 2000 note
21 B G 1,80 A-K 1800 note