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Probe Cards for the contact of semiconductors

Probe Cards

Fine, finer, FEINMETALL.

Cantilever Probe Card (Epoxy)
Probecard ViProbe

FEINMETALL assumes a technologically leading position in contacting wafers. Vertical probe cards offered under the brand ViProbe® belong to the leading products on the market.  Even for the most difficult contact-making tasks highly specialized development and engineering teams find new solutions.

Cantilever Probe Cards 
Cost effective and established solution for basic applications.

ViProbe® Probe Cards
Vertical contact technology for multiple contacting of wafers.

CiProbe® Probe Cards
New probe card product line - perfectly suitable for contacting micro bumps and copper pillars.

The semiconductor industry operates internationally, which is why FEINMETALL is present at the most important locations: Service and production locations in Asia, Europe and the USA ensure proximity to our customers and markets.

Excellent quality, short paths and better local service, and especially service-friendly products are the aspects that inspire our customers.

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