Connector Contacting


FEINMETALL is the experienced partner for connector testing

Test connectors for standard interfaces

From USB to HDMI, the contacting of these interfaces must be simple and precise. And of course cover the high data rates. We offer the right solution.

Number one in terms of contacting in wire harness and connector test

As the market leader, Feinmetall offers the largest product portfolio of application-specific contact probes and accessories for test module construction and wire harness testing. With innovative and cost-optimized solutions, we meet practical requirements and set trends in wire harness testing technology.

Connector contacting - when small details have a large impact

For reliable contacting of SMD-equipped RF mini connectors and coaxial cable connectors, Feinmetall has developed the appropriate solutions. The special design of the probes ensures optimum alignment on the connector and a large centering range, allowing a certain positional deviation of the DUT to be compensated.

Contacting of RF Connectors

High performance at high frequencies - perfect quality is what is needed here. No matter which connectors, Feinmetall accepts the challenge and offers a solution. Also for your application.

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Battery Cell Contacting

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