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Contacting technology has a greater impact in many areas than may be apparent at first glance. It is a decisive factor in testing and the quality of high-tech products. Reliable contacting is our contribution to technical innovations.

Semiconductor Industry

Our increasingly digital and mobile world thrives on innovations in the semiconductor industry, which is characterized by extremely fine structures and ever higher frequencies. Feinmetall supplies contacts for these applications at the limits of what is possible.

Electrical Industry

We all want to be able to rely on the highest quality of our electrical and electronic devices in everyday life. With sophisticated contacting for test engineering, Feinmetall makes a very important contribution to achieve this.

Automotive Industry

Automotive electronics is becoming more and more digital, modern assistance systems provide safety and comfort, reliability has top priority. Feinmetall is the world leader in suitable contacting solutions.

Medical Technology

When it comes to health, we don't want to compromise. For testing medical devices and semiconductor components, reliable contacting technology is an important factor. We are happy to take on this responsibility.


Electrical and electronic components in aircraft require special safety standards and corresponding test strategies. We at Feinmetall are ready for these challenges with the appropriate contacting technology.


Networked smartphones, tablets and computers are our everyday life. Mobile devices require the highest technology in the smallest of spaces. This is also a real challenge for contacting technology, which we encounter every day.


The ultimate contact probe and probe card portfolio can be found in the FEINMETALL product finder.

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