Semiconductor Contacting


FEINMETALL Contacts Semiconductors - from Wafer to Microchip

FEINMETALL FeinProbe® Probe Card with Spring Contact Probes as Contact Elements

The digitization of our lives is more extensive than ever before. The functions of modern devices are based on microchips with structural sizes of sometimes just a few nanometers. And while the chips are becoming ever smaller and more compactly integrated, the range of tasks they have to handle is constantly increasing. This is a technological challenge that we are happy to meet every day. For we take care of the contacting of these microchips. And we do this at various stages of production.

Semiconductor Contacting

When only highly complex test procedures lead to the goal

Probe Cards for Wafer Contacting

Extensive test processes are already required during wafer production. Wafer contacting is performed with a probe card that is individually tailored to the DUT with regard to the chip design, the necessary currents, frequencies, temperatures and other factors. This is where high-tech literally of the finest quality is applied. And nothing works here without expert knowledge.

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Fine Pitch Probes for Contacting Chips and Components

Contacting technology is also required for testing the final microchips. Fine pitch probes are installed in corresponding test sockets, which enable exact contacting of the test points. Feinmetall fine pitch probes are suitable for common components such as BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN or WLCSP. Precision and 100% quality control characterize these probes.

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