Semiconductor industry
ViProbe for the test of semiconductors

Feinmetall in the


ViProbe Probe Card
Advantest 93000 Tester with probe card from Feinmetall
Test head for the test of semiconductors

Today semiconductor components are the basis for all electronic devices. They become increasingly smaller, more cost-effective and produced in constantly larger quantities worldwide.  FEINMETALL is an important supplier for the semiconductor industry, since here the early quality control of wafers is essential.

FEINMETALL probe cards contact thousands of test points on the wafer in distances of less than a hundredth of a millimeter. The contact needles with their specially shaped  tips are literally thin as a hair.

The technical challenges for this market are immense, and FEINMETALL often operates at the outer limits of what is feasible. Special innovations are, for example, the demand to contact micro-bumps, or other difficult boundary conditions such as high temperatures. FEINMETALL probe cards are literally "the finest in high-tech".