Contacting solutions for medical technology

Reliable contacts are used in many technical facilities

Spring-loaded contact probes (Pogo Connectors) are a perfect solution for many contacting tasks in medical technology. For the testing of devices and PCBs, high-quality contact probes are irreplaceable test equipment anyway.

Contact probes for interfaces and for detachable electrical connections

But contact probes are also becoming increasingly important beyond test applications. As interfaces between devices or for realizing detachable electrical connections, they can be a high-quality and reliable solution, especially in medical technology. Due to their many advantages, they can be perfectly integrated into various designs.


The advantages at a glance

  • compact design
  • short travel
  • long service life
  • high quality of contacting
  • good solderability
  • transmission of high currents
  • low contact resistance
  • good signal transmission
  • simplified assembly
  • simple tolerance compensation
  • various mounting options
  • various connection possibilities

Pogo Connectors - the right design for every application

The variety of available contact probes that can be used as Pogo Connectors is huge. And so are the mounting options. A suitable solution is so available for every application.

The right probe design - a real game changer

Applications in medical technology require reliable contacting even under difficult conditions. For example, a sharp-edged head shape ensures particularly low contact resistance, while a special bias design ensures extremely constant and low internal resistance of the contact probe. Choosing the right contact probe design can really be a game changer for your contacting challenge. Our team will be happy to advise you and is at your disposal with a lot of experience.

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