Contacting round pins in charging devices

The contacting of round pins is of great importance for e-mobility applications. Feinmetall has now developed a solution that also allows verification of the finger protection caps.


Contacting with high currents

E-mobility with fast charging processes at high currents also poses completely new challenges for contacting and testing technology. Reliable contacting with minimal contact resistance and high current carrying capacity is required for testing corresponding components and interfaces. Intelligent contacting solutions also enable the detection of mechanical details, the presence of protective devices or the monitoring of temperature characteristics.

The new HC10 contact probe series has been specially developed for typical round pin contacting. The special probe design with a ring spring allows reliable and damage-free contacting of the DUT at currents up to 200 A and is ideally suited for handling different tolerances of round pins.

Versions with sense pin or with finger protection detection

The HC10 probe is available in different versions. Optionally, an additional voltage measurement can be performed by an integrated sense contact. Another variant also allows the presence of a safety-relevant finger protection cap to be verified. For this purpose, an additional electrically insulated contact element has been integrated into the probe, which touches the test item on the front side and detects accordingly whether or not electrical conductivity is established.


Integratable air cooling

To meet the challenge of contacting with even higher currents, Feinmetall also offers a very new special variant with integrated air cooling, which can achieve an enormous reduction in the temperature increase caused by high currents.

With these solutions, Feinmetall has once again developed modular and multifunctional contacting systems that greatly facilitate the reliable testing of certain components in e-mobility. And only reliable testing technology ultimately ensures reliable vehicle technology. Feinmetall is ready for the future here.


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