High current contacting

Slide contact for threaded test items

Electrical contacting of screw threads is a worst-case scenario for high-current applications. Feinmetall has developed a solution that shows excellent results in this task.


Slide principle
The new slide principle in the HC07 high-current probe combines the utility model-protected scratch principle with round-shaped silver heads. This means that the four spring-loaded contact probes are mounted inclined into the probe and therefore perform a slight lateral movement during spring deflection. This causes the relatively soft silver to rub over the thread and establish optimum electrical contact without causing damage to the thread. The inclined position of the contact probes also ensures optimum adaptation to the contour of the screw.

Excellent results in practical tests
This solution has already been intensively tested and has proven itself in practice. When contacting a side threaded profile of standard M8 screws, the HC07 shows only a temperature increase of about 50° K at a continuous current of 70A. This is an excellent result for these difficult contacting conditions.

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