Automotive test

Test connectors for electrical contacting
of H-MTD and MATEnet

For simple electrical testing of RF connectors, more economical contacting solutions are required in addition to high-quality RF contact probes.


Reliable contacting and simple assembly

Feinmetall has now developed test connectors for the purely electrical contacting of H-MTD and MATEnet connectors that allow reliable contacting and are very easy to assemble. The test connectors of the TC77 series are perfectly designed for this application with their spring-loaded internal contacts.

Wobble function for compensating tolerances

A wobble function of the test connectors can also be used to compensate certain tolerances in the positioning of the DUT. Such a wobble function has already proven itself for the RF contact probes and could also be implemented in the test connectors. The assembly is very simple via a flange, the connection can be realized either by a cable or by a solder connection.

Good complement to high-quality RF contact probes

With the test connectors of the TC77 series, Feinmetall completes its contacting solutions for automotive technology and offers customers the exact contacting solution for all applications, tailored to the respective requirements.

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