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Constantly under current E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions

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Dependability is hidden in the details

Dive into the world of the diverse application possibilities of Pogo Connectors. FEINMETALL stays true to the concept of “small but mighty,” offering boundless variety from the world’s smallest Pogo to the custom Pogo Block. Even our smallest Pogos meet the highest demands in performance, longevity, and innovation.

Contact resistance <10 mOhm
World’s smallest Pogo
Removable electrical contacting
Handles extreme conditions
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Ultimate performance

Anywhere high currents are flowing is no place for compromise. We offer an extensive portfolio for a variety of currents and requirements. Our innovative solutions are perfectly coordinated to the market and our customer base to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Pulse currents up to 1500 A
Lowest contact resistance
Modular designed solutions
Customized solutions 50

Our products in detail

Future-oriented solutions for Testing, Tormation and Non-Testing Applications.

A battery cell’s structural framework is established through charging and discharging during manufacturing. Constant, low-resistance contacting is a key aspect of these processes and a determiner of the completed cell’s quality.

Methods such as ACIR and DCIR are critical for testing adherence to performance, safety, and quality standards for battery cells. These standards ensure batteries will perform to specification under real-world conditions. 

Safe and constant transmission of high currents despite intense heat generation is key. High Current Testing including high-current contacting is how we create electrical connections that live up to every challenge.

Medical technology, furniture, lighting, and more – our Pogo Connectors are the intelligent solution for all challenges involving removable electronic connections.

FEINMETALL offers a full selection of tools and accessories designed specifically for assembly and maintenance of Contact Probes and receptacles. These tools and accessories ensure effective installation and flawless contact functionality.

FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, Cell formation FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, Battery Testing FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, High Current Testing FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, Pogo Connectors FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, Accessories

Electrifying solutions for a variety of industries

Driven by energy: industry-specific use cases that count on our solutions.

FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, automotive industry
Industry Automotive industry

As nameful player in the e-mobility sector, our company is firmly anchored in the automotive industry. Battery technology plays a critical role in electric vehicles, where efficiency is a deciding factor of range and costs.

FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, Battery industry
Industry Battery cell manufacturing

Quality assurance is the top priority in the battery cell industry. Our role here is in testing and formation during the manufacturing process to guarantee performance and safety.

FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, energy storage industry
Industry Energy storage systems

Manufacturers set high standards to guarantee the quality of their energy storage systems. Our products to test the systems’ performance, efficiency, and reliability.

FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, electrical industry
Industry Electronic industry

Anywhere current flows, performance and industry standards must be upheld. We have an essential role in providing an extensive range of high-precision test services and solutions.

FEINMETALL E-Mobility & Pogo Solutions, Inverter