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High-precision contacting & connections Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions

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Ultimate reliability

Our Interface Contact Probes play a major role in the Semiconductor industry by guaranteeing precise, reliable, adaptable connection solutions.

Precise signal transmission
Reliability & long lifetime
Contact Probes & solutions
FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, product interface

Ultimate precision

We are the only manufacturer in Europe to offer complex Fine Pitch Probes for contacting and testing of components in numerous industries. Characteristics of our Fine Pitch Probes include a long service life, exceptional quality, and high repeatability.

Pitches up to 120 µm
Top quality standards
Maximum productivity 50

Our products in detail

Searching for the boundary of what is possible.

Our Contact Probes are also used in Wafer Testing. They ensure precise contact from inside the test head of a Probe Card to maximize your throughput.

We provide a wide range of Contact Probes for testing. These Contact Probes are used in sockets where semiconductor chips undergo various tests. Discover precision in the smallest dimensions.

MEMS sensors are extremely small components, which is why small pitches are a fundamental requirement. Achieve reliable testing of these sensors with our portfolio of Contact Probes. Just click below to browse our portfolio.

Testing the smallest PCBs presents special challenges. Only very small Contact Probes can access contact points that lie very close to one another. Discover our Fine Pitch Probes by clicking below.

FEINMETALL offers a very wide selection of Contact Probes that can establish reliable electrical connections to other components or PCBs. Click below to access our portfolio.

FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, Wafer Testing FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, finaltest FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, Sensors FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, Micro PCBs FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, Interface

Precision for numerous industries

Driven by technology: industry-specific use cases that count on our solutions.

FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, Semiconductor industry
Industry Semiconductor industry

Interface Solutions are essential to the Semiconductor industry, as they enable the smooth integration of semiconductor components into various systems.

FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, electronic industry
Industry Electronic industry

Our Interface Solutions provide dependable high-precision testing for a wide range of electronic components.

FEINMETALL Fine Pitch & Interface Solutions, Fine Pitch