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Leadership change at FEINMETALL

The title of FEINMETALL CEO changes hands

Dr. Peter Geiselhart handed over his title as CEO of FEINMETALL to two newer names on October 1, 2022.

Leadership change at FEINMETALL

Patrik Dinser and Thorsten Kern, two experienced managers, will be taking over leadership of the company.  The change of management was part of a long-term succession plan. Wolfgang Bürkle, co-owner as well as Managing Director of the holding company, thanked Dr. Peter Geiselhart for his years of service and expressed his confidence in the new FEINMETALL leadership.

Although Geiselhart is handing over his title as CEO of FEINMETALL, he will continue to serve the company as an advisor. He took over as FEINMETALL CEO in January 2019 after owner Wolfgang Bürkle stepped down from business operations. Bürkle states, “The shareholders thank Dr. Geiselhart for his commitment during a challenging period owing to the coronavirus pandemic. He initiated many important future-oriented endeavors and structural developments. We are pleased that he will continue to support us as an advisor.”

Patrik Dinser and Thorsten Kern comprise the new management team. Business economist Patrik Dinser joined FEINMETALL in 2002 as Purchasing Manager and was appointed Commercial Manager in 2010. Now in his 50s, Dinser has 20 years of leadership experience within the company and has been an authorized signatory for many of those years. Kern, now in his 40s, has roots in industrial engineering. He began his career at FEINMETALL in 2009 as an assistant to management, later taking over Business Development. He has been in charge of the production areas since 2014 and has been Technical Manager since 2020.

Bürkle shares, “Patrik Dinser and Thorsten Kern make for a team that operates smoothly, knows all areas of the company, and will keep FEINMETALL on a strong trajectory. They have proven themselves over many years to be skillful, highly committed managers. We are certain that we have made the right choice in appointing them to their new position as CEO and wish them great success.”

FEINMETALL has been a leading manufacturer of contacting solutions for the electronics, automotive, and semiconductor industries for over 55 years. Headquartered in Herrenberg, Germany, the medium-sized company operates on an international level with seven total subsidiaries in the US, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, China, and Singapore. The company also boasts a worldwide network of expert sales partners.