Probe Cards for the contact of semiconductors

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Cantilever Probe Card (Epoxy)
Probecard ViProbe

FEINMETALL assumes a technologically leading position in contacting wafers. Vertical probe cards offered under the brand ViProbe® belong to the leading products on the market.  Even for the most difficult contact-making tasks highly specialized development and engineering teams find new solutions.

ViProbe® Probe Cards 
Vertical contact technology for multiple contacting of wafers.

ViProbe®II Probe Cards 
Vertical contact technology of the next generation, with multiple lifetime extension options and various other features.

FeinProbe® Probe Cards
Probe card with spring contact probes as contact elements.

MyProbe® Probe Cards
Probe card with contact elements based on MEMS technology.

LiProbe® Probe Cards
Probe card with lamella beams, offering various advantages especially in terms of RF requirements.

BasicProbe Probe Cards
Simple vertical Probe Card for basic requirements.

Cantilever Probe Cards
Cost effective and established solution for basic applications.

The semiconductor industry operates internationally, which is why FEINMETALL is present at the most important locations: Service and production locations in Asia, Europe and the USA ensure proximity to our customers and markets.

Excellent quality, short paths and better local service, and especially service-friendly products are the aspects that inspire our customers.

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