FEINMETALL MEMS probe cards are using latest production processes to obtain the solid MEMS beams used for contacting even smallest pitches in high-current applications. Compatibility with our well-established probe card setup is thereby guaranteed and ensures a reliable functionality. It is the optimal addition to our product range, especially developed to contact small pitch copper pillars and aluminum pads.


  • Adjustable to most applications: from high pin count, to copper probing up to fine-pitch
  • Multiple lifetime extension for bump applications
  • Accurate wafer probing on fine-pitch pads over the whole temperature range
  • Stable contact performance in terms of contact resistance and force
  • Extended security features of the probe head

Specifications at a glance

Min pitch of the DUT Down to 50 μm
Diameter of the contact element Down to 1.2 mil (equivalent)
Max active area Up to 105 mm x 105 mm
Capable temperature range From -55°C to 200°C
Current carrying capability at RT Up to 1170 mA
Contact force at rec. OD From 1.4 cN to 4.2 cN

CiProbe® - E Type
The CiProbe® E-type is designed for solder bump wafer test applications with minimum bump pitch 250 μm. An advanced contact element alloy allows to increase the current carrying capability up to 3 A per probe. The CiProbe® is capable of probing grid array, single and multi-DUT layout applications.