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10 Years FEINMETALL Mexico

Jorge Rodriguez (Office-Manager), Wolfgang Bürkle (CEO) and Hans-Albert Büsse (Director International Sales)
Official Jubilee Celebration at the German Center in Mexico City
Atmospheric anniversary celebrations with important partners and customers

Subsidiary with very good record

When Feinmetall founded its subsidiary in Mexico in 2008, the financial markets were in turmoil and the outcome of the company was uncertain. The balance after ten years is clear: By 2017 Feinmetall Mexico multiplied its sales to more than 3 million USD.

A strong and growing electronics and wire harness industry is generating great demand for the Mexican Feinmetall subsidiary. "Every connector of a wire harness for the automotive industry must be tested quickly and reliably before the wire harness is installed in the car," explains Feinmetall Managing Director Wolfgang Bürkle about the need for test equipment.

The proximity to customers brings advantages for both sides. "Being close to the customer and providing good advice with a competent team is the key to success," Bürkle continues. The Mexican economy has developed steadily, achieved a high degree of stability and encouraged foreign companies to invest. The liberal foreign trade regulations and free trade agreements are attractive for German companies. "However, the strong economic ties with the US and the current threat to free trade also bears risks. Our industry is networked worldwide and needs the freedom to exchange goods, capital and ideas," warns Feinmetall Managing Director Bürkle against protectionism.

Feinmetall expects sales in the Mexican market to increase by around 10 percent in 2018. Overall, the demand for spring contact probes is consistently high, so Feinmetall will continue to expand production resources and invest in further automation.

Feinmetall currently employs over 560 people in a total of seven branches. it is a medium-sized company that operates globally. Medium sized companies mean: independence from outside capital, highly specialized and highly innovative. "The compact size allows you to react quickly and effectively. This flexibility is an advantage," says Feinmetall Managing Director Bürkle.

Up to 14 percent of sales flow into research and development. "We reinvest a very high proportion of our sales in the future. This is how we ensure the constant expansion of our market shares for our company", Wolfgang Bürkle is convinced.