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10 Years Progressive Series

Approved Solution for Difficult Conditions

The contacting of PCBs demands high standards of testing equipment and consequently also of the quality and design of suitable contact probes, to achieve a maximum first-pass yield and a long lifetime of the contact probes.

Test items with difficult contacting conditions

• Lead-free solder and surfaces
• Pads or vias with heavy contamination or oxidation
• OSP-coated printed circuit boards
• SMD and THT circuit boards (tinned and untinned)

Difficult conditions, smart solution

With the PROGRESSIVE SERIES, FEINMETALL has solved the contacting problems during the in-circuit and functional test under the most difficult conditions. This was achieved by the three unique factors of the PROGRESSIVE SERIES.

1. Aggressiveness of the probe tip

In order to reliably penetrate heavy contaminations and viscous layers, a contact probe must have a highly aggressive tip. So, the choice of tip style is essential. FEINMETALL offers a variety of different aggressive tip styles for applications with difficult contacting conditions.

2. Functional coating

The unique, special PROGRESSIVE coating of the tips has a considerably lower contamination sensitivity compared to conventional gold plating. At the same time, the hardness is 3 times higher. This results in a significantly longer lifetime of the probes even with heavily contaminated contact surfaces.

3. Higher preload

Due to an increased preload of the spring, a higher spring force is realized immediately when contacting the test item. The nominal spring force at nominal travel remains unchanged. The pressure load on the test item does not change, but contaminations are penetrated more effectively.

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