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Adaption to an inclined surface

Formation and test of batteries
and accumulator cells

Special coaxially built high current probes allow adaptions of batteries and accumulator cells for charging processes and tests. These probes are especially suitable for

  • Formation and test of Li-ion cells
  • Quality control of batteries and power storages
  • Charging and discharging processes of batteries


With contact elements and fixtures for Li-ion cell manufacturing and for battery production FEINMETALL has established a strong business and know-how. In many years of cooperation with strong customers and partners we have gained a high level of expertise in reliable and practical products and a secure contacting of accumulator cells and batteries.  

Special high current kelvin probes enable 4-wire measurements with continuous currents upt to 300 A, a special design of the probes even allows to contact inclined surfaces.  

The high current kelvin probe 1860C008 even has an integrated temperature sensor, which is also spring loaded. This allows a constant monitoring of the local temparture during the contacting process. The temperature sensor is realized by a NTC mini sensor (TP-MI-2.0-NTC5).

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