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Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe F899
Mounting Example for F899

Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe for Exact Position Test

The exact position detection of a DUT is required in various test applications, especially in wire harness and connector testing. The pneumatic micro-switch probe F899 with two switching points (off-on-off) was especially developed for position determination in limited space conditions.

Perfect solution even in the smallest spaces

The new F899 is very compact and filigree. Nevertheless, it is easy to install and easy to maintain thanks to the exchangeable connection plugs. In addition, the switch probe has a long lifetime. With a barrel diameter of only 6 mm and a barrel length of less than 14 mm, it is ideal for particularly tricky space conditions.

Switch probe with two switching points (off-on-off)

Simple switch probes have only one switching point, i.e. they close or open a switching circuit when a defined travel is reached. With such a probe, the deviation from a specified position can only be detected in one direction. With a conventional switch probe, for example, it is easy to detect whether a component is present or not.

However, the correct pin length or the correct cavity depth in a connector cannot be checked with a simple switch probe. A switch probe with two switching points, i.e. with an off-on-off function, is a perfect solution for this application. This implies that the integrated switch in the switch probe closes only over a defined travel, but is open both when the travel is too short and when the travel is too long.

Pneumatic operation of the probe

The pneumatic connection of the probe F899 allows the plunger to be controlled directly, so that, for example, lateral contacting is also possible without any problems.

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