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RF Probes

Series HF60 for Standard Connectors
Series HF66 for Many Switch Connectors
Series HF77 for Automotive (e.g. MATE-AX)
RF Connection Cables

Strong in Radio Frequency Contacting

Feinmetall has focused strongly on RF contacting in recent years and now offers a comprehensive portfolio of practice-oriented RF contacting units.

Mobile communications and 5G

Due to the increase in mobile radio technology such as 5G, but also in other mobile applications and data transmissions, the use of RF components in electrical and electronic devices is currently growing rapidly. Accordingly, suitable contacting units up to 18 GHz are required for the test.

RF and Automotive

The use of RF components in vehicles is also growing rapidly, driven by constantly improving driver assistance systems up to autonomous driving. Feinmetall offers suitable contacting solutions for all automotive connectors. For example for FAKRA, MATE-NET, H-MTD, HFM or MATE-AX. 

Reproducible transmission path 

Important for RF tests are not only the suitable frequency characteristics of the individual components, but also the frequency behavior and the reproducibility of the complete transmission path. Therefore Feinmetall offers not only the contact probes, but complete contacting units with integrated probe guiding as well as RF-compatible connectors and cables.

Easy mounting

RF-probes from Feinmetall are available in different mounting options, for example with flange or as screw or plug-in version. Many of Feinmetall's RF contacts are self-centering and floating and can therefore optimally compensate tolerances to the DUT.

RF competence center

With an in-house competence center and RF laboratory, Feinmetall has gained a solid reputation in RF contacting and established its position in the market with innovative and above all practical solutions.

The advantages at a glance

  • RF competence in own RF laboratory
  • Simulation tool for RF behavior
  • Complete solutions consisting of contact probes, connectors and cables
  • Self-centering contact probe solutions
  • Sophisticated mounting options
  • Large portfolio for all common connectors
  • Strong solutions in automotive applications
  • Frequency range up to 18 GHz


Overview of all RF contact probes

You can find an overview of our current RF Probe Portfolio in the latest RF Brochure. More