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Contacting of SMD Mounted RF Connectors

For reliable contacting of SMD assembled RF mini connectors like e.g. the switch connectors SWD, SWF, SWG, SWH, SWJ (female) and the coaxial cable connectors HSC, JSC, KSC, LSC, GSC (male) Feinmetall has developed the new product family HF66. The special design of these contact probes allow an optimal alignment with the connector and a large centering range of +/- 0.4 mm to compensate certain variations of the DUT position. The frequency characteristic of the contact probe series HF66 is optimized for frequencies up to 6GHz.

For different mounting requirements the probes have been developed in different design variants. For example, the probes are available either as a plug-in or a threaded version, or alternatively, they are equipped with a flange that enables optimal fixing in many cases. The connection to the tester side is realized by standard SMA or mini-SMP connectors.

With this new probe series and further new developments Feinmetall shows a strong focus on radio frequency applications. The main customer segments for these solutions are manufacturers of smart communication and control modules in different industries. The new RF contacts ideally complement the existing Feinmetall contact solutions for standard connectors like SMA, SMB, SMC und HSD. 

Overview of FEINMETALL RF Contact Probes