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New Variants of RF Contact Probe

The coaxially designed radio frequency probes of the family HF860 are already available for a large variety of common connectors like SMA, SMB, SMC, U.Fl., RF and others. 

Now the contact probe HF860 is also available for contacting FAKRA connectors (at the moment FAKRA male), that are frequently used in wire harness testing.

To the specifications:

> HF86005B0006G470 (FAKRA)

Additionally three new variants of the RF contact probe HF860 for directly contacting on PCBs are available now. 

Connection elements and cables

Preassembled connection cables allow a solderless exchange of the probes or connections. They also make it easy to realize reproducible test setup.

Connection cable type RG316 (grey):   up to 3 GHz
Connection cable type Multiflex 86 (blue):   up to 10 GHz

Mounting receptacles

Additionally to the standard receptacle H860 a floating receptacle H860FL (FL= „Floating“) is also available. This allows a certain tolerance regarding the position of the test item. So a possible gap between probe and test item can be adjusted without damaging any components. After the contact is opened the RF probe is centered again.