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Hans-Albert Büsse, Manuel Millan and Jorge Rodriguez
Congratulations from the German Center Management
Opening of the new facilities
The Feinmetall team in Mexico

Leadership change at Feinmetall de Mexico

On January 31, 2020, the position as General Manager was handed over from Manuel Millan to Jorge Rodriguez in the office of Feinmetall de Mexico. At the same time the completely renovated office was officially opened.

Change in the Board of Directors

In the attendance of the German Center management Jimena Kreusler and their Marketing & Sales Manager Anja Miroslaw, Manuel Millan was given his farewell as General Manager. Mr. Millan was in this position for eleven years and has been contributing to the development of the Mexican Feinmetall subsidiary from the very beginning, managing the commercial part of the company.

New to the Board of Directors are Jorge Rodriguez and Hans-Albert Büsse. Jorge Rodriguez has now been with Feinmetall de Mexico for 3.5 years and will take over the function as General Manager.

About the Mexican Feinmetall subsidiary

Feinmetall de Mexico was founded on 17 October 2008 and started with three employees. Today the subsidiary has a total of 14 employees and is the leading supplier of spring contact probes in Mexico. For 2020, the sales force in the Mexican market is expecting further growth.

Modern facilities and equipment

End of 2019 the office of Feinmetall de Mexico was extended and renovated to approximately 170 m². The new office is characterized by its modern equipment and new rooms for sales activities. The warehouse and logistics center has been expanded and converted to paperless shipping. Feinmetall de Mexico has set itself the goal of delivering more than 90% of all orders on the same day.

The leadership change and the new rooms were of course a good reason for the whole team to celebrate - very traditionally with a "Fiesta Mexicana" with Mexican food and playing Mariachi.