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Light contact probe allows guided terminal insertion as well as testing wire harness connectors

Wire harnesses include a multiplicity of individual connectors that serve as interface to the electric and electronic devices in vehicles. One process step of manufacturing wire harnesses is the assembly of connectors with wires including terminals. This process is often done manually. For example as a first step the bar code of a wire is scanned and the corresponding connector cavity is indicated, that needs to be equipped with this wire. As a second step the terminal is pushed into the cavity until it is locked. Afterwards an electric continuity check of the assembled wire follows.

The newly developed LED contact probe from FEINMETALL allows a significantly simpler design of test modules. By an integrated LED within the contact probe the operator is guided through the terminal insertion process. The same module and the same contact probes can be used for the following electrical continuity check. 

LED probe module for wire harness terminal insertion (e.g. with MQS terminals)

So far existing solutions use either optical fiber for indicating the right cavity, which however does not allow electrical contacting, or LED indication next to the cavities, which however may lead to false assemblies due to misunderstandings or misinterpretation of the indication, especially if the connector design is more complex. In the new LED contact probe both functions optical indication and electrical contacting, are combined in one device. So the terminal insertion and the continuity check can be realized in one single module. This reduces the lead time and the risk of false assemblies.

The new LED contact probe has a modular design. It consists of a contact probe with hollow plunger, a mounting receptacle and a connection element with integrated LED that is plugged onto the receptacle. This solution allows applications even at small centers down to 100 mil. The connection is realized by a Molex-compatible standard connector. Further specifications and order information on request.

Modular design of the LED contact probe consisting of contact probe with hollow plunger, recepatcle and LED connection element