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High Current Probes

High Current Probes front view + sense contact + temperature sensor + cooling option
High Current Probe back view + sense contact + temperature sensor + pneumatic connection
High Current Probe back view + sense contact + temperature sensor + second sense contact

Modular design of high current probes for different requirements

In many contacting tasks, especially in applications with high currents, different requirements need to be met. These heterogeneous requirements are further increased by the short development cycles in this market. A classic contact probe often cannot match this variety anymore.

In parallel to high current contacting, temperature sensors are often needed to monitor the heating of the material directly at the contact point.

For Kelvin measurements, also one or more sense pins are required for a voltage measurement.

A third challenge with high currents is an excessive heating of the contact point, which can in some applications be reduced by cooling with compressed air.

All these requirements can be met with modern Feinmetall contacts while maintaining excellent contact quality. Due to the modular principle, appropriate functions can be integrated into the contact probe as required. Customers can therefore decide for themselves which functions they need and then select their perfect contacting solution.

Modular Design of High Current Contact Probes


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