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Probe design with standard plunger
Probe design with bias plunger

Optimized Design and Higher Contact Reliability

A new design of the contact probe series F650 and respectively the introduction of the new series F652 lead to a higher contact reliability. 

Essential for a good signal transmission of a spring contact probe is a good and uninterrupted electrical contact between plunger and barrel. However, in the worst case and without special measures, very short contact probes may lead to short contact interruptions. In this case for a short moment the current only flows through the probe spring. In many applications this does not lead to any problems. However, with sensitive signals or high currents such a short current interruption might be problematical. 

The new bias design of the probe makes sure, that during the compression of the probe the plunger is always slightly inclined and therefore adapts perfectly to the barrel. This leads to a high contact reliability, a low contact resistance and a significantly higher ampacity. 

Because of the new design the probes now allow a significantly increased continuous current of 20 A (F650) and respectively 30 A (F652). Additionally, the new probes of series F650 and F652 have a round tip style for optimized contacting of the DUT. 

In the course of optimizing the probes, also the mounting receptacles have been optimized. Now a knurl at the receptacle makes sure that it is better fixed in the mounting plate. The knurled receptacle replaces the previous receptacle without knurl.