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Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe F899

Mikro-Schaltstift F899
Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe F899

Position test at limited space

The pneumatic micro switch probe F899 has been designed for position tests at very limited space. The probe is pneumatically controlled, which enables for example also a lateral contacting without problems. The integrated double switch functionality allows an exact determination of the position in a very simple and effective way and can therefore be used for the determination of pin lengths, bore depths or outlines of the test item.

Whilst most of the switch probes only have one switch point after a determined travel, keeping the switch condition up to the maximum stroke, the pneumatic micro switch probe F899 has two integrated switch points. During the ascending of the plunger the switch circuit is closed after a specific travel and reopened after a further defined travel. By this so-called off-on-off characteristic it is possible to control the required position of the test item with only one switch probe and to detect discrepancies of the required position in both directions. The accuracy of the switch points is within ± 0,2 mm.

The new generation of the micro switch probe F899 is very compact in spite of the pneumatic operation and the integrated functions. It is therefore especially suitable for the use at limited space. The diameter is of 8 mm and the total length does depend on the electrical and pneumatic connections. It requires a minimum space of 34 mm in length. The new design of the probe has been optimized in view of the robustness, the comfortable mounting and the handling of the electrical and pneumatic connections.

The position of the new pneumatic micro switch probe F899 can be adjusted variably due to its long thread by up to 2 mm with a suitable tool. By the special design of the insulated switch circuit it is also suitable for a potential-free application. Additionally the probe can be inserted airtight in blind bores enabling the easy construction of vacuum-tight modules. The electrical connection of the probe is realized by pluggable wires which are included in the shipment.

A flexible version of the pneumatic connection gives the user many options for the individual module or fixture design. The pneumatic micro switch probe can be easily replaced for maintenance purposes.