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30 mil

Contact Probes for Centers Down to 30 mil

PCB structures are becoming smaller and smaller - and this also requires smaller and smaller dimensions and centers in test and measurement. Based on these needs, FEINMETALL has developed new contact probes for centers of only 30 mil, as a completion of the already introduced probes for 50 mil and 40 mil. 

The new probes are so thin, that they cannot be mounted with standard receptacles any more. For the electrical connection a special connection element is available, that can be directly soldered into a PCB. The contact probe can be plugged onto this connection element afterwards. This solution allows a later solderless exchange of the probes. 

For the first assembly the new probes are also available with preassembled connection element. 

Additionally new probe families for 31 mil and 39 mil are available, these probes have the respective order code F031 and F039.