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RF-Contacting of High Speed FAKRA Mini

What is High-Speed FAKRA Mini?

Today, wire harnesses in modern automotive technology have to be suitable for high data transmission rates, while requiring as little space as possible for connector technology. These requirements are met by the new high-speed FAKRA mini connectors, which are available on the market under the brands HFM® from Rosenberger or MATE-AX® from TE Connectivity. These connectors, for example, each have four coaxial connectors arranged in a square 2x2 block.

Tailor-made RF contact blocks

FEINMETALL now offers a tailor-made radio frequency contacting solution for testing these on-board electrical systems and accordingly for contacting the high-speed FAKRA connectors. The two new variants of the HF77 probe series are exactly matched to the connector geometries of the 4-fold blocks HFM® (male) and MATE-AX® (male) and allow the transmission of RF signals up to 12 GHz. The four coaxial RF contact probes are already integrated in a corresponding contact block. The probes are floating in this block to compensate certain contact tolerances.

Reproducible complete solution from a single source

Feinmetall offers suitable RF connection cables for connecting the contact block, providing a simple, reliable and reproducible overall solution with outstanding RF performance from a single source.

Solution for electrical contacting of High-Speed FAKRA Mini connectors

Feinmetall also offers an optimal contacting solution for the pure electrical testing of wire harnesses with these connectors. In the F835 series, the exactly matching contact probes are available. Find more details here.

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