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Temperature Sensors

Spring loaded temperature sensors
High current block HC01 with temperature sensor
High current Kelvin probe with temperature sensor

PreciseTemperature Monitoring of Contacting Processes

In many contacting tasks, especially in applications with high currents, the actual temperatures at the contact point are very important. However, these contact points often offer little space and are usually difficult to access.

An optimum solution is to use a spring loaded contacting unit with an integrated temperature sensor. To achieve this, a spring loaded temperature sensor needs to be available which is slim enough to be integrated into a contacting unit.

With the new TS series, Feinmetall offers advanced solutions here. The following sensor types are available: 

  • PT100
  • PT1000
  • NTC
  • Type K

The spring-loaded temperature sensors have a diameter of only 4.5 mm and can be ordered individually. However, they are also an optional component of Feinmetall high current contacts. For example in the high current block HC01 or in the coaxial high current probes of the series HC04 they are a selectable configuration and represent the wide range of functions of these probes. As single units, the sensors can be used in various other customer applications.

Continuous temperature measurement directly at the contact point is becoming increasingly important, especially when contacting battery cells, since very high currents are required here and at the same time certain temperatures must not be exceeded. As the heat development is obviously highest at the contact point, the spring-loaded temperature sensors offer a suitable monitoring possibility here.

Specifications Temperature Sensors

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