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Probe 75 mil Progressive Series


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This special series has developed for contacting lead free solder pads or very oxidized or contaminated PCBs. Probes of this Progressive Series penetrate even viscous flux residues. Additionally, they are less sensitive for contaminations. These characteristics provide reliable contacts and a long life cycle.

For contacting OSP coated boards the very pointed tip style 32 in Progressive Series version is well established. This version reliably penetrates the coating and leads to good contacts and long life cycles.


Three decisive advantages of the Progressive Series

1. Aggressive tip style
A specific FEINMETALL longitudinal grind, the concave geometry and ultra sharp edges lead to increased penetration at the contact surface.
2. Functional coating
The new progressive functional coating is three times harder than standard coatings. It reduces the contamination of the contact tips and provides a remarkably longer life cycle of the probes, leading to an increased FPY (first pass yield).
3. High Preload
A higher preload of the probes leads to an optimized force already at the beginning of the contacting process. This leads to a better penetration of contaminations. The force at the nominal travel is still the nominal force, so the overall load on the test item is not increased.

Tip Style Material Plating Ø Version Spring Force
14 S P 1,20 HP 250 note
21 S P 0,64 HP note
21 S P 0,64 HPL 250 note
32 S P 0,64 HPL 250 note
32 S P 0,64 HP 250 note
33 S P 0,64 HPL note
33 S P 0,64 HP note
33 S L 0,64 HPL 200 note
33 S L 0,64 HP 200 note
35 S P 1,20 HP note
43 S P 0,64 HPL note
43 S P 0,64 HP note
62 S P 0,64 HP note
62 S P 0,64 HPL note