Rundzellen-Adapter HC13B06150G

Order no. 1044568

FXB-CY-01-06 with integrated HC13B06150G


DesignCoaxial Probe
Centers [mm]7,00
Temperature [C°]-45°C...+100°C
Additional definitionB


Length46,20 mm
Projection height19,10 mm
Diameter Tip Style5,00 mm
Diameter Tip Style 21,00 mm
Distance inside-outside1,00 mm
Diameter Barrel5,50 mm
Diameter collar6,80 mm
Diameter press ring6,80 mm

Mechanical specifications

Preload300,00 cN
Spring Force1500,00 cN
Nominal Travel5,00 mm
Maximum Travel5,50 mm
Wrench size6

Electrical specifications

Continuous current60,00 A
typ. Contact resistance2,00 mOhm

Materials and surfaces

Tip Style06
Tip Style 218
Material Tip StyleBeryllium cooper
Surface Tip StyleGold
Material PlungerBrass
Plating PlungerGold
Material SpringHigh-grade steel
Plating SpringUncoated
Material BarrelBrass
Plating BarrelGold
Material Plunger 2Beryllium cooper
Plating Plunger 2Gold
Material Spring 2High-grade steel
Plating Spring 2Uncoated

Specifications inner contact

Continuous current 25,00 A
typ. Contact resistance 220,00 mOhm
Nominal Travel 24,50 mm
Maximum Travel 26,50 mm
Preload 235,00 cN
Spring Force 260,00 cN