Order no. 1051338

Contact Probe - Pitch [mm/mil] - Current 1,00 A

Contacting of 1-fold H-MTD male connectors or GEMnet.


DesignCoaxial Probe
Centers [mm]4,00
Temperature [C°]-20°C...+80°C


Length31,20 mm
Diameter Tip Style8,80 mm
Diameter Tip Style 21,30 mm

Mechanical specifications

Preload470,00 cN
Spring Force630,00 cN
Nominal Travel2,50 mm
Maximum Travel3,50 mm
Wrench size7
DUT / Test itemH-MTD-Male

Electrical specifications

Continuous current1,00 A
Impedance100,00 Ohm
Frequency14,00 GHz

Materials and surfaces

Tip Style 250
Material Tip StyleBeryllium cooper
Surface Tip StyleGold
Material PlungerBeryllium cooper
Plating PlungerGold
Material SpringSpring steel
Plating SpringGold
Material BarrelBrass
Plating BarrelGold
Material Plunger 2Beryllium cooper
Plating Plunger 2Gold
Material Spring 2Spring steel
Plating Spring 2Gold

Specifications inner contact

Continuous current 21,00 A
Nominal Travel 20,90 mm
Maximum Travel 21,20 mm
Preload 2130,00 cN
Spring Force 2195,00 cN

Application and assembly


Assembly tool FKSFZWZ-005
Screw-in tool FWZFDWZ-050