Temperature [C°]-45°C...+200°C
Quantity power pin8 ST
Additional definitionD-TS4


Projection height12,00 mm
Height25,00 mm
Wide20,00 mm
Diameter powerpin2,00 mm

Mechanical specifications

Preload400,00 cN
Spring Force1000,00 cN
Nominal Travel4,00 mm
Maximum Travel4,50 mm
Quantity power pin8 ST
DUTPouch Cell

Electrical specifications

Continuous current150,00 A
typ. Contact resistance0,30 mOhm

Materials and surfaces

Material block09
Plating block03
Material powerpin01
Plating powerpin01
Tip Style powerpin6
Material SpringHigh-grade steel
Plating springUncoated
Material sensepin01
Plating sensepin01
Tip Style sensepin02

Specifications sensor

Sensor typeTYP K

Application and assembly