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Accessories for Contact Probes

Here you find current information and overviews about contact probes accessories like e.g. interface probes, contact blocks, tools etc. 

New Videos about mounting probes and receptacles

Four new videos simply show the mounting of receptacles and contact probes, the use of special tools for mounting threaded probes and the functional principle of twist proof probes.  

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Test contacts for RJ, USB und HDMI standard interfaces

The need of contacting standard USB, RJ or HDMI connections and interfaces is increasing in the field of in-circuit and functional test of PCBs, because these standardized interfaces have great advantages. The new FEINMETALL test contacts are currently available for various USB,RJ and HDMI-Interfaces. They can be mounted into test fixtures or modules easily and effectively.



For low-wear interfaces in various applications spring loaded contact probes are used in combination with rigid contacts - also called interface pins, that are available in different sizes and with different connections. 


Interface blocks

Interface blocks (Pylon blocks) are used as internal interface. The integrated spring contact probes guarantee a good signal transmission with low transfer resistances. 



FEINMETALL offers a great variety of effective tools for mounting receptacles and contact probes, but also for quick tests in production or for measuring spring forces for identification of probes.