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FEINMETALL Accessories Videos

These new videos show the use of appropriate tools for mounting receptacles and contact probes in Detail. Explanations are realized by text shown in the video.

New Video: Receptacle extraction tool FZWZ

This video shows the new tool FZWZ, which allows the extraction of receptacles from a carrier plate without damaging it.

Video: Insertion tools for mounting receptacles

This video shows the use of the tool FEWZ for inserting standard receptacles H100 in a carrier plate with different projection heights. 

Video: Mounting of standard probes

This video shows the mounting of plug-in standard probes of type F100 into the already mounted receptacles H100 by using the insertion tool FDMZ. Different projection heights are realized. 

Video: Mounting of twist proof receptacles

This video shows the functional principle of twist proof contact probes. The aligned mounting of the twist proof receptacle with slot as well as the screwing-in of the corresponding probe is visualized very well. 

Video: Screw-in tool for mounting threaded contact probes

This video shows the mounting of different threaded probes by using special toos:

  • Three-point tool for oversized step probes
  • Screw driver for slotted tips
  • Hook wrench for square wrench sizes
  • Triangle tool for special coaxial probes