In order to meet the various test applications in electronics testing, connector testing, non-testing or many other test applications, there are a wide variety of contact shapes on the plunger. We generally refer to these as tip styles.
These have been supplemented over the years to meet the contacting of component legs, contact surfaces or connector contours as far as possible and to achieve an optimal or best possible contact surface.
The aggressiveness of the tip styles is also adapted depending on the application and test environment.

Overview of the most important tip styles with their applications

Below are some examples of how different tip styles can be used.


Universal tip style with
different angles of 10°,
15°, 30°, 60°, 90° or 120°
for contacting solder
pads and vias.


For a smooth contact of
pins and wire wrap posts.
The risk of contamination
can be minimized by using
a self cleaning version.

Serrated, W-profile

Universal tip style for
contacting wires, pins
and wire wrap posts, even
suitable for bent contacts.

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