The optimum performance of spring contact probes significantly depends on the selection and combination of materials and platings. Developing, testing and qualifying materials for the various applications is an important aspect of our research and development efforts.

Basic Materials

The selection of the basic material for spring contact probes, i.e. for barrel, plunger, spring and receptacle, is made according to various criteria. In addition to the technical suitability of the material, processing properties and economic aspects also play a role.


  • excellent mechanical properties with high electrical conductivity
  • Application as plunger material or contact element in many products, especially in the field of basic- and high current probes
  • Springs can be made from it


  • significantly harder than BeCu
  • is used for plungers with aggressive tip styles or for high durability requirements

Palladium Alloy

  • is used as a base material for plungers
  • high hardness makes it very robust, additional coating is not necessary

Plating materials

The surfaces of all individual parts of the spring contact probes are usually coated by galvanic processes. The base materials are thus protected against corrosion. In the assembled spring contact probe, the coating also ensures low friction and thus low wear as well as low contact resistances.

FEINMETALL achieves optimum properties through an ideal selection of coating sequences, coating thicknesses, coating alloys as well as various accompanying processes.

Galvanic nickel

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Hardness: 300–600 HV
  • good ductility (formability) and excellent adhesion to the base material
  • Nickel also prevents the base material from migrating into the precious metal surface and contaminating it and leads to a high temperature stability and life time.

Chemical nickel

  • very good chemical resistance, and still not brittle
  • Hardness: 400–1100 HV
  • is ideally suited for aggressive tip styles due to its high contour fidelity and wear resistance


  • Extremely resistant to wear
  • Hardness: 800–1000 HV
  • especially for the plating of plungers used under very rough environmental conditions

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