FeinProbe® is used among other applications in the contacting of bumped wafers for WLCSP.

By using spring contact probes developed and manufactured in-house, a wide variety of customer applications can be tested.

Radio frequency tests

Best RF performance with solutions up to 100 GHz

Temperature range

-55°C to 150°C

Spring contact probes

In-house development and production of spring contact probes

is suitable for the following materials




Solder ball



you benefit from

In-house production

The spring contact probes are developed and manufactured internally by FEINMETALL. This allows solutions for any customer requirement to be realized in addition to the standard portfolio.

Best RF performance

FeinProbe® offers solutions for RF applications up to 100 GHz using special high frequency modifications.

Fine Pitch Solutions

Currently, pitches down to a minimum of 150 µm can be tested.

Outstanding temperature behavior

FeinProbe® is based on test head concepts of ViProbe® and can serve high temperature applications almost to the same extent.

Easy maintenance and service

With FeinProbe®, as with all FEINMETALL technologies, special emphasis is placed on the maintainability of the products.

Specifications of the FeinProbe® at a glance:

Min pitch of the DUTDown to 150 μm
Diameter of the plungerDown to 120 μm
Max active areaUp to 50 mm x 61 mm
Capable temperature rangeFrom -40°C to 150°C
Current carrying capability at RTUp to 2800 mA
Contact force at rec. ODFrom 10 cN to 18 cN
Bandwidth analog @ -1dB limit30 GHz (80 GHz on request)

More information

An overview of our probe cards and further information can be found in our brochure Wafer Probe Cards.



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