MµProbe® probe cards are characterized by MEMS contact elements and are particularly suitable for fine pitch full array applications in wafer test.

Radio frequency tests

Best RF performance with solutions up to 100 GHz

Temperature range

-55°C to 150°C

Finest Pitch Full Array Testing

Best suited for fine pitch applications at high current

is suitable for the following materials





you benefit from

Finest Pitch Solutions

With MµProbe® the finest pitches full array of 50µm can be realized.

Improved product lifetime

Improve your TCOO with shimming: FEINMETALL's patented feature for maximum product life.

Safe wafer testing

Safety always in focus. The new MµProbe® safety features guarantee permanently safe testing without damage to the wafer.

Outstanding temperature behavior

MµProbe® is based on probe concepts of ViProbe® and serves high temperature applications almost to the same extent.

Easy maintenance and service

The innovative "Free Beam Placement" process in combination with the round beam cross-section offers the best maintainability available on the market and thus reduces downtime to a minimum.

Specifications of the MμProbe® at a glance:

Min pitch of the DUTDown to 50 μm
Diameter of the contact elementDown to 1.2 mil (equivalent)
Max active areaUp to 105 mm x 105 mm
Capable temperature rangeFrom -55°C to 200°C
Current carrying capability at RTUp to 1170 mA
Contact force at rec. ODFrom 1.4 cN to 4.2 cN

More information

An overview of our probe cards and further information can be found in our brochure Wafer Probe Cards.

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