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Feinmetall Singapore
Probecard Service Team Singapore

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  • South East Asia
  • Philippines (local Support)
  • Thailand (local Support)


Available Probe Card Services

  • Partial and full Needle Exchange ViProbe®, CiProbe® and FeinProbe®
  • Adjustment of Cantilever Probe Cards
  • Exchange of Guide Plates
  • Wiring Modifications
  • Failure / Root-cause Analysis, Component Testing
  • (Re- ) Plating of Connector Pads
  • PCB Turnkey Service: PCB Design/Fabrication,Stiffener Design/Fabrication and Components Assembly
  • Partial PCB traces Repair


Other Services

  • Repair-Workshops
  • Spare Parts incl. Cantilever Needles & Repair Tools
  • Head Planarization Tools
  • (Online-) Cleaning and Reshaping Materials
  • Product Specific Cleaning Solutions
  • On-Site Support (Repair- and Debugging Service)
  • PRVX3/4 Interface Design & Manufacturing
  • PCB Design & Fabrication



  • Design and Manufacturing of Cantilever Probe Cards
  • Design and Manufacturing of FeinProbe and Manual Actuator
  • Manufacturing of ViProbe W10
  • Operation Support (Philippines and Thailand)


Test Equipment

  • PRVX3 Analyzer
  • PRVX4 Analyzer
  • Measurement Microscope
  • Micro VU (CMM)


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