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Our 360° portfolio Electronic Testing

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Diverse & innovative

FEINMETALL provides the perfect solutions for all the electronics industry’s testing needs. Our portfolio encompasses a variety of contacting solutions for circuit board testing as well as the necessary interfaces. Also included in the portfolio are Radio Frequency Probes for contacting coaxial and differential connectors as well as specialty solutions for testing Solar Wafers. No matter the application, our focus is on providing innovative stand-alone solutions that increase your added value.

360° portfolio
Solutions for OSP coatings
Flying Probes
Frequencies over 40 GHz
Extended service life
FEINMETALL Electronic Testing product, ICT

Outstanding in any application

Benefit from an exceptional range of industry-leading solutions and services for electronic testing.

  • Flying Probes
  • Interface Solutions
  • Radio Frequency Probes for Functional Testing
  • Probes for Solar Wafer Testing 50

Our products in detail

Innovative contacting solutions for all applications.

We offer all commercially available ICT/FCT probes for Circuit Board Testing. We also provide an innovative solution for challenging test conditions with our PROGRESSIVE series.

Our portfolio’s probes, hallmarked by high precision and low resistance, are compatible with the market’s common test systems.

FEINMETALL offers all Interface Solutions needed for secure test signal transmission, including blocks, probes, and rigid pins.

Discover our innovative Radio Frequency Probes for all common Coaxial and differential Connectors.

We carry special probes with an extended service life and particularly low resistances for contacting busbars on Solar Wafers.

FEINMETALL offers a full selection of tools and accessories designed specifically for assembly and maintenance of Contact Probes and receptacles. These tools and accessories ensure effective installation and flawless contact functionality.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, Circuit Board Testing FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, Flying Probes FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, Interface Solutions FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, Radio Frequency Testing FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, Solar Wafer Testing FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, accessories

Concentrated power for numerous industries

Driven by technology: industry-specific use cases that count on our solutions.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, circuit board/PCB industry
Industry Circuit board/PCB industry

ICT (in-circuit testing) and FCT (functional circuit testing) require special Test Probes and Interface Solutions for effective circuit board testing.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, Solar
Industry Solar industry

Solar Wafer Testing requires innovative specialty probes that safeguard the quality of Solar Wafers and optimize the performance of solar cells.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, automotive industry
Industry Automotive

Full-scale automotive component testing requires a comprehensive set of solutions, including specialized test systems that make it possible to test electronic and mechanical parts as well as sensors.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, consumer electronics industry
Industry Consumer electronics

The premise behind our innovations in testing: smart solutions for a smart life. Our objective is to support testing of the functionality and reliability of technologies.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing, industry
Industry Industry

Electronic Testing is a key component of production and quality assurance in the industrial sector. Precise, dependable testing enables manufacturers to meet the necessary standards.

FEINMETALL Electronic Testing product, solar cells