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Probe Cards A dependable card every time

We go beyond supplying test equipment by providing a complete spectrum of Probe Card Services.

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Highest application
range: –55°C to 180°C
High frequencies
up to 100 GHz
maintenance & repair
Maximum performance with maximum operating time

Our portfolio

 We provide leading technological solutions including comprehensive support – for flexible solutions with added value.

FEINMETALL Probe Cards: ViProbe®
Probe Cards ViProbe®

These Probe Cards can adapt to an enormous range of applications and pad materials. It’s no surprise they’ve been the market’s ideal vertical solution for many years, valued particularly for their unique ease of repair.

FEINMETALL Probe Cards: ViProbe® II
Probe Cards ViProbe® II

The ViProbe®II takes all the benefits of the ViProbe® to the next level, with more options for extending life time and various safety functions for the wafer.

FEINMETALL Probe Cards: LiProbe®
Probe Cards LiProbe®

Lamella beams offer a variety of benefits related to RF and power requirements. Short lengths and flexibility in the number of lamella beams make these the perfect solution for challenging applications.

FEINMETALL Probe Cards: FeinProbe®
Probe Cards FeinProbe®

Testing WLCSP, SiP, or flip-chip wafers requires contact elements that can withstand high currents while ensuring strong signal integrity. The FEINMETALL FeinProbe® handles these applications with remarkable ease.

Probe Card Service

Solutions that go well beyond the product. Learn more about our Probe Card Service.

FEINMETALL Probe Card Service
FEINMETALL Probe Cards close-up