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Wire Harness Testing

Whether gas or electric, a well-functioning Wire Harness is an indispensable part of uncompromising vehicle safety. Our contacting solutions enable reliable Function Testing of Wire Harness and Plug Connectors to guarantee error-free installation.

Diverse Switch Probe Solutions
Largest product portfolio worldwide
Threaded Probes starting from 40 mil centers
Top quality standards
FEINMETALL Wire Harness Testing, Fakra F756

Leader in Wire Harness Testing innovation

We’re right there wherever cables need to transmit signals reliably. As the world market leader in Contact Probes for Wire Harness Testing, we boast the most comprehensive portfolio of any manufacturer.

  • Switch Probes
  • Threaded Probes
  • Step Probes
  • Twist Proof Probes
  • Push Back Probes
  • Kelvin Probes
  • Tools & accessories 50

Our products in detail

An expansive range of products combined with unique solutions.

During Presence Testing, Switch Probes are responsible for verifying the presence and proper installation of parts. We provide various types of Switch Probes for these tests, including NO/NC, pneumatic, off-on-off, and ball Switch Probes.

Step Probes confirm proper positioning of the terminal inside the connector housing. If a terminal is missing or improperly installed, the Step Probe doesn’t make electrical contact.

Threaded and Twist Proof Probes check for opens, shorts, and improper wiring as part of Continuity Testing. Probes with threads ensure a secure seat even in the presence of vibration or lateral forces.

Push Back Probes combine mechanical and electrical testing. They use a very high spring force to check for an electrical connection while testing whether terminals can withstand a certain pressure. A switch function can be triggered to control the deflection of the Push Back Probe.

Coaxial Connectors testing can involve numerous tests such as high voltage, Radio Frequency, or Kelvin Testing. We offer specially designed Radio Frequency Probes and Kelvin Probes for this exactly.

FEINMETALL offers a full selection of tools and accessories designed specifically for assembly and maintenance of Contact Probes and receptacles. These tools and accessories ensure effective installation and flawless contact functionality.

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Concentrated power for numerous industries

Driven by technology: industry-specific use cases that count on our solutions.

FEINMETALL Wire Harness Testing, automotive industry
Industry Automotive industry

Wire Harness Testing is an essential process in the automotive industry. Manufacturers use precision test methods to ensure that their vehicles are dependable and comply with high standards.

FEINMETALL Wire Harness Testing, automotive industry
Industry Electronic industry

And because the Electronic industry uses Wire Harnesses in a multitude of electrical devices, Wire Harness Testing is a big part of this sector as well.

FEINMETALL Wire Harness Testing, group 3