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FEINMETALL Various Contact Probes

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Secure, precise, long-lasting Contact Probes with low contact resistance.

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Economical, secure, long-lasting solutions. We have the perfect solution for virtually every application.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Basic Contact Probes
Contact Probes Basic Contact Probes

We offer various models of Contact Probes for ICT and FCT with different tip styles, spring force ratings, and platings. The innovative Progressive Series provides dependable solutions for challenging testing conditions such as when OSP coatings, flux, and soiling are present.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Basic Threaded Probes
Contact Probes Basic Threaded Probes

Threaded Contact Probes are primarily used in Wire Harness and Connector Testing and as well as if conditions such as vibration or lateral forces are present. They ensure that the probe can not move out of the receptacle.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Fine Pitch Probes
Contact Probes Fine Pitch Probes

Fine Pitch Probes are very small contacts used for electronics testing. They make use of a spring-based operating principle to test microchips, sensors, and circuit boards. These probes enable testing of densely packed connections as well as components in sockets or adapters.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: High Current Probes
Contact Probes High Current Probes

High Current Probes are specially designed for demanding high-current applications. Their optimized design minimizes contact resistance and benefits a minimal temperature increase as current flows.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Kelvin Probes
Contact Probes Kelvin Probes

Kelvin Probes have a coaxial design that enables their use in two main applications: testing coaxial connectors and measuring low-impedance resistors using the Kelvin method.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Pogo Connectors
Contact Probes Pogo Connectors

Battery and charging contacts provide a secure, compact connection with stable, low-wear contacting and an electrical connection that can be easily removed. These contacts are used for data transmission in several industries.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Radio Frequency Probes
Contact Probes Radio Frequency Probes

Radio Frequency Probes contact coaxial and differential connectors for functional testing of DUTs. Our broad portfolio covers automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Flying Probes
Contact Probes Flying Probes

Flying Probes are used for automated and flexible testing of circuit boards. FEINMETALL offers probes characterized by a long life time, low resistance, and high precision for all common test systems.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Switch Probes
Contact Probes Switch Probes

Switch Probes are used in particular for component presence testing. They make or break an electrical connection between the inner and outer conductors upon reaching a defined travel distance (switch travel).

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Interface Solutions
Contact Probes Interface Solutions

Our Interface Blocks, probes, and pins can be combined with one another and ensure reliable transmission of the signal between the test adapter and the test system. We also offer standardized Interface Probes for popular test system manufacturers.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Step Probes
Contact Probes Step Probes

Step Probes are the right solution if the to be tested contact is inside a housing or recess. The testing principle of these probes is based on the plate resting against the housing at a predetermined penetration depth. The connector element and a sufficient penetration depth are required for successful electrical contact.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Twist-Proof
Contact Probes Twist Proof Probes

Twist Proof Probes for connector testing are commonly equipped with a spade tip. The tip prevents twisting and ensures good contact in connector openings with long contours or contact tabs. Twist protection can be installed right on the probe or can be screwed into a receptacle.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Push Back Probes
Contact Probes Push Back Probes

Push Back Probes test for proper seating of terminals in connector housings to prevent inadvertent push-back and the loss of an electrical connection. This type of testing requires a Contact Probe with a high spring force.

FEINMETALL Contact Probes: Tools/equipment
Contact Probes Tools/equipment

FEINMETALL offers a full selection of tools and accessories designed specifically for assembly and maintenance of Contact Probes and receptacles. These tools and accessories ensure effective installation and flawless contact functionality.

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